Our coordinated theme this year is on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have launched an essay competition as a great opportunity to learn about the SDGs, to share how we are already involved in working towards them, and to come up with innovative solutions to sustainable development. This opportunity is open to ALL members of Students for Global Health.


The title is ‘Our Roles in the Sustainable Development Goals’. Feel free to take this question in whatever direction you’d like but what we’d like to see is a well written, well-evidenced essay that helps us develop our understanding or critique of the SDGs, and our role in them. Here is a list of suggestions of what to include:  


  • Example(s) of work towards SDGs on an individual, local, national or international level
  • Ways in which progress could be improved
  • The role of SfGH within SDGs
  • The purpose of SDG(s) (as a whole or an individual one)


Essays should be between 1500 and 2000 words (excluding references) and the deadline for submission is 28/05/18. When they’re ready, submit your essay here.

The top three essays will receive recognition for our wonderful patron, global health legend, Sir Michael Marmot. The runner-up will also get a donated copy of his brilliant book ‘The Health Gap’ and the winner will get a free ticket to our next national event, as well as get published in our magazine ‘The Advocate’.

This is an amazing opportunity to learn about the SDGs, share your incredible ideas with others and win some great prizes – get involved!!

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch with Anna at pad@studentsforglobalhealth.org who will be happy to help. We can’t wait to read your fantastic submissions.

Good luck!