Whoever they are, wherever they are born, every child deserves an equal opportunity. are here to make that happen. work in the most difficult places in the world to grow up. We remove whatever barriers stop children from getting the most out of life. We believe in collecting intelligence and creating solution that can be tailored to a child’s specific situation.

We also run Charity Apprentice, an online course for anyone who dreams of a rewarding career working for Charity Apprentice, an online course for anyone who dreams of a rewarding career working for charity. The course involves online learning, real life challenges and an opportunity to work in the field with a 4 week placement at one of our projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

Why is this issue important?

Around 200 million children in the world are not achieving their full developmental potential due to poverty. Kenya is a country with over 7 million children of primary school age who face significant challenges due to poor health and disease. In western Kenya as many as 1 in 5 school age children suffer from malnutrition and anaemia. Diarrhoea and worm infections are common and cause severe disease and disability. Malaria causes approximately 214,000 deaths per year in African school children but it also has had profound effects on child development and education, and Kenyan school children miss up to 11% of school days due to malaria. Around 2.5 Million children in Kenya have lost one or both parents from poverty and AIDS. is tackling these problems by improving children’s access to school health and nutrition, helping communities to develop the knowledge and skills needed to improve the lives of children and to help break the cycle of poverty.

Students who join the Student Programme (Linkable) pay for their trip costs themselves, meaning that 100% of their fundraising goes to support our projects in Kenya. wants students to learn about the challenges facing orphaned and vulnerable children, to continue supporting the work they do by becoming advocates for change.