Policy and Advocacy Director

Andrew Hay

Andrew Hay

University of Aberdeen


Andrew becomes Policy and Advocacy Director after his election at the Spring General Assembly in Sheffield, making this his first term on National Committee

SfGH has policy on a number of different local and global health topics that guide the work of the network. This policy is created and enacted on by a range of topic specific national working groups (NWGs) that carry out work in a range of areas such as Maternal and Child Health, Global Surgery and Non-Communicable Diseases. The Policy and Advocacy Director is responsible for coordinating the NWGs as well as a team that works on maintaining and enacting the policy.

Bylaw mandated responsibilities:

1.4.5. Policy & Advocacy Director Creating, developing and using Students for Global Health policy – ensuring the network has a strong position on global health issues. Ensuring Students for Global Health is represented in decision making at local, national and international level. Coordinate the national Advocacy Team who will organise actions, events and grassroots training. Encourage international activism – promote advocacy with our international partners, which could include the chance to attend the IFMSA conference(s) and organising the UK delegations activism. Ensure that there are opportunities for workshops and training on relevant topics.