Global Health Education Director

Sana Hasan

Sana Hasan

University of Bristol

Sana becomes Global Health Education Director after her election at the Spring General Assembly in Sheffield, making this her first term on National Committee

“This year, I’m hoping to start SfGH’s very own podcast! In the current global climate, this could be an opportunity to engage with more people than ever before in an interesting way that would be fact-based, nuanced and balanced. If there is an issue you would like to discuss, get in touch!”

The GHED coordinates the GHE Team, which works on projects such as the Global Health Education Toolkit, establishing global health on academic curricula, ensuring pre-elective training on global health, and creating academic health partnerships between UK medical schools and those in low- and middle-income countries. They also sit on the UK Medical Electives Council.

Bylaw mandated responsibilities:

1.4.6. Global Health Education Director Support the mainstreaming of global health education into the core medical curriculum Maintain and promote the Students for Global Health Global Health Education Toolkit. Promote opportunities and sources for student extracurricular self- study of global health. Update and manage a database of Local Students for Global Health Branch Health Education Officers. Promote global health education opportunities that Affiliates, in collaboration with the Students for Global Health Director of Branch Affairs, Regional Coordinators, Policy & Advocacy Director, Affiliates Coordinator and Training Director. Chair the National Global Health Education Operational Team, members of which will support in achieving Students for Global Health’s Global Health Education initiatives. Offer Global Health Education training at General Assemblies. Represent Students for Global Health’s views on the UK electives system to the Medical Schools Council (MSC) Electives Council and attend the annual MSC Electives Council Electives Conference. If they cannot attend, nominate an appropriate person in their place. To support the work of the National Exchange Officers in promoting and developing the IFMSA Exchange programme.