Director of Branch Affairs

Iain Doig

IMG_2326 - SfGH-UK Global Health Education Director

University of Aberdeen

Twitter: @master_doig

Iain moves to a new role as Director of Branch Affairs after his election at the Spring General Assembly in Sheffield, formerly being the Global Health Education Director, making this his second term on National Committee

“Every year, the SfGH network gets bigger, better, and louder, and I’m excited to see how we will develop of the course of next year. I am also looking forward to meeting new members of the network, to hear their passions in global health and to share our ideas on how to create a “fair and just world, where equity in health is a reality for all”.”

The DBA is responsible for the welfare and development of the 29 branches across the network, through working with the Regional Coordinators as well.

Bylaw mandated responsibilities:

1.4.2. Director of Branch Affairs To assume or support the work of the National Director whenever necessary. Be responsible for the development of our member Branches. Work alongside the Regional Coordinators to develop an annual evaluation procedure and subsequent needs assessment for member Branches. Be responsible for being receptive to non-member Branches to encourage them to join and participate in Students for Global Health Affiliates. To encourage and support the integration and collaboration of branches and Affiliates at a local level. Work with the Regional Coordinators to develop branch development strategies. To coordinate allocation of Branch Development Fund to support member Branches To support affiliation of new branches in conjunction with Regional Coordinators To coordinate the Branch Affiliation process through supporting Regional Coordinators in their work with Branches.