Affiliates Coordinator

Lizzie Westwood

Lizzie Westwood

University of Sheffield

Lizzie becomes Affiliates Coordinator after her election at the Spring General Assembly in Sheffield, making this her first term on National Committee

“I can’t wait to learn even more about the wonderful affiliates we have the privilege of working alongside. By coordinating our efforts we can build a stronger, more effective network and make the biggest impact possible. I’ve already met so many inspirational, passionate people from our affiliate groups over the years and I’m sure in the year ahead I’ll have the pleasure of meeting many more!”

The Affiliates Coordinator works with SfGH’s 13 national Affiliates.

Bylaw mandated responsibilities:

1.4.4. Affiliates Coordinator Be responsible for supporting activity on a national and local basis. Act as point of contact to support Affiliates that are being set up. Coordinate the Affiliates Board. Ensure that the Affiliates Board is kept up-to-date with Students for Global Health- UK business and vice versa. Verbally contact each Affiliate Coordinator 3 times per year. Carry out an Affiliate Coordinator’s satisfaction survey at least annually and disseminate the results. Update the Affiliate report template and ensure that Affiliate report forms are completed by all Affiliate Lead Coordinators annually. Investigate Affiliates in conjunction with interested parties, and if deemed necessary by vote of the Students for Global Health National Committee, offer support for re-establishing the Affiliate. Co-ordination and overall implementation of Students for Global Health support. Represent all Affiliates to the rest of the National Committee. Represent Students for Global Health UK to Affiliates when required