What is Training?

what is medsin training?

Medsin Training aims to equip you with essential skills in leadership, management, presenting and more. Training in these transferable life skills will not only help individuals run their branches or affiliates more effectively and confidently, but also prepare them for a future working within the NHS or global health organisations.

what does medsin training offer me?

  • Numerous training sessions on a variety of topics at all four national events, by qualified and experienced trainers
  • Regional training events to increase capacity and collaboration between local branches and affiliates
  • On-Demand Training for all branches and affiliates. To request On-Demand training please complete this form
  • Please email Ben Eder or Joanna Murphy, Medsin’s National Co – Training Directors 2016/17 for any training-related questions or queries at training@medsin.org

how can i get involved in medsin training?

  • Sign up for training when attending Medsin conferences and General Assemblies

    Become a Medsin Trainer! Medsin holds several IFMSA-accredited TNT (Training New Trainers) courses per year. The next one will be in October 2016 – apply now for your chance to be part of the Medsin Training Network!