Training Director

Angel Anyamele

Hi everyone! I’m Angel and I’m so excited to be on National Committee as the Training Director this year.

When I started my SfGH training journey at my “Training New Trainers” (TNT), I was a little seed, full of potential that I had not yet realised; training is truly fertile soil for personal development and offers you remarkable opportunities to meet like-minded individuals. So, this year, I am determined to empower and build up a community of enthusiastic and committed Trainers (a.k.a. changemakers) who can effectively empower members of the network (also changemakers!). What an incredibly powerful way of influencing positive change across and beyond the network! Watch this space!

If you have any questions or want to get involved, drop me an email!

Bylaw mandated responsibilities:

  1. The Students for Global Health Training Director shall be represented on the Affiliates Board and as such shall seek to promote training opportunities across all Students for Global Health Affiliates.
  2. The Training Director shall be responsible for:
    1. Updating and disseminating an informative Trainers Pack to all active Trainers, as a central, standardised reservoir containing all the training-related information for Trainers across the network. 
    2. Identifying training needs across the network and within the National Committee;
    3. Coordinating training on a national level by:
      1. updating the branch resource pack;
      2. liaising with local organisers and Students for Global Health’s training team to plan delivery of training workshops at General Assemblies and the National and Global Health Conferences;
      3. Forming and supporting a national training network by; 
        1. Facilitating the engagement of Trainers throughout the year, by any reasonable means that are accessible by the Trainers. Supporting the personal development of Trainers by:
          1. Ensuring Trainers complete their Trainer Portfolio throughout the year.
          2. Encouraging Trainers to collect personal feedback following delivery of their training sessions (through their Personal Feedback Form) throughout the year.
        2. organising an annual Training New Trainers conference;
        3. putting together and running the Students for Global Health qualification curriculum;
        4. updating and maintaining the Students for Global Health Trainers Database;
        5. Collate and advertise international training opportunities for Students for Global Health members by working with the Director of International Affairs, liaising with the IFMSA Vice-President for Capacity Building and the European Regional Assistant for capacity building where appropriate.
  3. Work with the Director of International Affairs to coordinate Students for Global Health members’ participation in international training, and invite IFMSA members to training opportunities in the United Kingdom.