We are delighted to announce that the 2018 SGA will be held at the Students for Global Health branch in Sheffield! You can find all the information about the event here and on our Facebook event!

Here is the call for submissions, including National and Agenda Committees applications, Policy and coordinated theme proposals and amendments to our governing documents as well as the applications for hosting next years conferences and General Assemblies!

Tickets for the weekend are also now available here

Interested in being a member of the National Committee? Check out studentsforglobalhealth.org/national-committe and our bylaws to see who they are and what they do!

Think it’s time for a change in how we do things? Check out our governing documents to see our constitution, bylaws and guidance statements

Is there a particular area of global health that you think we should be active in as a whole organisation? Check out our policies and see what’s missing, what needs updating and what could be even better

To find out more about how our General Assemblies work, read these General Assembly Guidelines

If you have any questions regarding applications please contact agendacommitte@studentsforglobalhealth.org