Unfilled positions

Following from the brilliant weekend we had in Sheffield a couple of weeks ago, we are delighted to open a call for applications for unfilled positions!

After the most competitive National Committee elections in recent years, there is just the position of *South-East Regional Coordinator* to be filled.

There are also three positions on the Agenda Committee, the essential body that facilitates our general assemblies and online votes.

As well as this, we are looking for hosts of our *Autumn Weekend* General Assembly in early October, our *Global Health Conference* in February 2019 and our Spring General Assembly in April 2019!

The deadline for all submissions is Monday 4th June at 2359 BST (GMT+1).



What a weekend!

Packed with governance updates, elections, debates, learning and laughter – as well as the incredible talks, workshops and training put on by the Organising Committee! We’ll have more photos to follow but here are some highlights of the proceedings:

  • Our governance, including the bylaws and the constitution, were updated with regards to our relationships and support for both branches and affiliates.
  • The constitution and bylaws were amended to remove gendered language and to be more inclusive
  • Several Guidance Statements on working with affiliates and running conferences were passed, to further our institutional memory
  • Cardiff Students for Global Health was elected as the next host of our National Conference, in November! Look out for more information in the following months on the weekend of a sexual health education and discussion, in a #ClassicCardiff fashion
  • The next National Committee for 2018/19 was elected!
    • National Director – Lucy Singh
    • Director of Branch Affairs – Iain Doig
    • Director of International Affairs – Isaac Florence
    • Secretary – Harpreet Kaur
    • Finance Director – Kamila Karimjee
    • Communications Director – Jeremie Juan
    • Global Health Education Director – Sana Hasan
    • Policy and Advocacy Director – Andrew Hay
    • Affiliates Coordinator – Elizabeth Westwood
    • Training Director – Hari McGrath
    • Scotland and Northern Ireland Regional Coordinator – Megan Gurney
    • Northern Regional Coordinator – Aditi Babel
    • Midlands Regional Coordinator – Archie Bekenov
    • South West Regional Coordinator – Cary Tang
    • National Exchange Officer-Incoming – Chaitra Dinesh
    • National Exchange Officer-Outgoing – Hamza Ejaz
    • National Officer for Research Exchange – Dylan Goh
    • National Officer for Research Exchange – Sarah Sobka
  • The General Assembly passed four policies, some being updates or renewals, but we now have the mandated ability as a network to advocate for our views on Neglected Tropical Diseases, the Sustainable Development Goals, Divestment from Fossil Fuels and Air Pollution.
  • and finally, for the following year, the Coordinated Theme of the whole network will be Homelessness & Health!

Keep a lookout for more news, the updated governing documents, and introductions to the next National Committee – as well as the second round of calls for unfilled election candidatures, for Spring and Autumn General Assembly, the Global Health Conference in February 2019, the Agenda Committee members, and the South East Regional Coordinator.

Thank you to our Chair and Vice-Chair, Natasha Matthews and Ben Eder, and the Agenda Committee, for their work this weekend, facilitating the entire voting process of SGA

A final and massive thank you to the wonderful team who organised the whole weekend: Students for Global Health Sheffield you have been incredible and we all hope you take a good rest now!