Send textbooks to the destroyed Medical School in Mosul

Students for Global Health members, WE NEED YOUR HELP

As you will know we are part of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations and we have received a request from our friends from IFMSA-Kurdistan.

One of their Medical schools, the Mosul Medical College, has been destroyed completely during the war against ISIS. They say that “most of the buildings are gone, but the students’ spirits are still high”. They are hoping to resume studies after the war and the University of Mosul has just started receiving students again. However, the university library has been destroyed, causing a major problem.

Therefore IFMSA-Kurdistan is coordinating a book donation project, for which we will be collecting. So if you have any Bio/Medical textbooks that you no longer need please bring them along to SGA, they just have to be:
· No older than 10 years edition
· Preferred to be medical textbooks
· Suitable for the undergraduate level of study

All donations would be fantastic then we will be coordinating sending them! If you’re not coming to the Spring General Assembly please ask someone from you branch who is attending if they would be happy to bring them to you!

Send us any questions you have!

Thank you



To find out more about the IFMSA’s involvement in the protection and rebuilding of medical education and its facilities, see their new #NotATarget campaign and report on attacks on Medical Education

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