National Exchange Officer (Outgoing)

Ankita Kochchar

Hello, my name is Ankita and I am the current National Exchange Officer Outgoing for SfGH. I will be working closely with Giorgia, the incoming NEO. I am currently in my 4th year of medicine at the University of Leicester after having intercalated at Barts in Global Public Health and Policy. Since my first year at university I have been actively involved in SfGH and attended many Global Health related debates and discussions, allowing me to explore the vast number of topics Global Health covers. I am really keen to ensure exchanges are accessible, affordable and equal for all students interested, and I am really excited to be part of SfGH and work closely with the IFMSA.

Bylaw mandated responsibilities:

  1. See Appendix 4 – Students for Global Health Exchanges bylaws
  2. Be responsible for facilitating professional exchanges in the UK, primarily for Outgoing students, in consultation with the NEO (Incoming).
  3. Be responsible for working with the other NEO and the Students for Global Health- UK National Committee to work towards the national aims, by expanding Students for Global Health Exchanges on a national level.
  4. Together with the other NEO, a financial report for Students for Global Health Exchanges will be compiled to be presented at the National Students for Global Health Autumn Weekend.