Director of International Affairs

Karisma Sharma

Hi, my name is Karisma and I am the incoming Director of International Affairs for 2021-22. I have been a part of Students for Global Health for three years, including my term as the National Officer of Research Exchange on the National Committee last year. 

As the Director of International Affairs, I will be working as a Liason for the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) and attend General Assemblies as the President National Member Organisation for SfGH UK. 

This year, I will be looking forward to: 

  • Promote international opportunities with our local branches  
  • Improve our engagement with other national committees for initiatives surrounding key global health issues
  • Work alongside the SfGH International Team to reinstate exchanges, and create, support and further IFMSA-related activities To learn about the IFMSA and our work, please follow our Instagram page @SfGH.International 

Bylaw mandated responsibilities:

  1. To assume or support the work of the National Director whenever necessary.
  2. To be the UK National Member Organisation President, according to the IFMSA, responsible for receiving all correspondence from the IFMSA, and dealing with it in an appropriate manner, collaborating with other National Committee members where appropriate.
  3. To attend IFMSA General Assemblies and Regional Meetings and act as delegation lead, or to make suitable arrangements to ensure participation of Students for Global Health delegates.
  4. Preparing and supporting delegations to IFMSA events and other international events by coordinating application, selection, training, attendance, follow-up and evaluation of delegations.
  5. To support the work of the National Exchange Officers and National Officers for Research Exchange.
  6. To act as the contact point for the National Exchange Officers and National Officers for Research Exchange and to represent exchanges on the National Committee.
  7. To support and coordinate all engagement in IFMSA activities such as training, small working groups, task forces, Organising Committees, external meeting delegations and related others.
  8. To actively seek out and act as a point of contact between the network and international partners.
  9. To present a report of the August Meeting of the IFMSA at the Students for Global Health Autumn Weekend (Autumn General Assembly), and to present a report of the March General Assembly March Meeting of the IFMSA at the Spring General Assembly, for adoption.
  10. Be part of the Finance Committee and fulfil their role on this committee as outlined in Appendix 10