Director of Finance

Kevin Varghese

Hello, I’m Kevin, a 3rd year accounting and finance student at Hull University and I will be the director of finance this year at Students for Global Health. I was made aware of SfGH by the current ND Chaitra, as well as the opportunity of the role of Finance Director. The work of SfGH is that of local and global reach and touches on the importance of education and action within the theme of global health. As the FD, I am excited to contribute to the financial sustainability of SfGH and being part of SfGH’s great work this year.

Bylaw mandated responsibilities:

1.4.8. Director of Finance Be responsible for the financial administration and bookkeeping of Students for Global Health. Raise funds for Students for Global Health and consider the recruitment of a team to support and assist in doing this. Collect membership fees. Be responsible for the bank accounts of Students for Global Health. Present a financial report at each National Committee Meeting, which includes accounts, statements of assets and liabilities of Students for Global Health and a list of the financial transfers made since the last National Committee Meeting. Arrange the payment of registration fees and any bank transfers to the IFMSA for affiliation and IFMSA General Assembly delegation registration within the set deadlines.