Digital Media and Publications Officer

Kurchi Mitra

Hi I’m Kurchi, I’m a third year medical student at Newcastle and I will be taking on a brand new role for our network- Digital Media and Publications! Lizzie(Public Relations and Communications) and I will be working together this year to be spreading the good work that NC and branches are doing! What inspires me to work in the Global health sphere and with Students for Global health in particular is seeing how enthusiastic and keen other young people,  like the rest of NC, are to make a change as young people in a big scary apocalyptic world

In particular, my role will be focussing on producing content for our social media platforms and website. Some exciting new things in the pipeworks are producing a regular newsletter that will include what has been going on across branches and NC, and a podcast with some exciting guests!

Bylaw mandated responsibilities: Responsible for creating engaging content with various production means inclusive of videos, infographics, blogs and data visualizations in order to ensure optimal delivery content to target audiences across multiple channels ( e.g. website, youtube, social media, podcast, newsletter). Development and management of the organisations’ brand standards and content style guides Supervise and manage the network’s website, YouTube channel and podcast. Produce a regular newsletter relevant to Students for Global Health members Work with the Public Relations and Communications Director as the National Communications team, both roles ensuring brand guidelines are implemented.