Choosing a destination


Choosing a destination can be quite tricky! There are lots of things to consider, such as what you want to get out of your elective, the field in healthcare you’re most keen on, your budget, environmental considerations, and whether the hospital or healthcare setting has capacity to host you

Old Globe

Travelling and the environment

It’s important to bear in mind that flights have a carbon cost – carbon-offsetting is great, but avoiding emissions when possible is better! Consider the need to travel very far and how you can get there in the most eco-friendly way: could you go somewhere you can travel to by train? Could you meet your learning objectives and intended outcomes in a closer country/region?

Finding a hosting institution

This part is often very overwhelming. There are countless healthcare facilities across the globe – how do you find them and contact them?

One possible avenue is to see if your university has any partnerships with other institutions. Most universities nowadays do, and this is a brilliant and often sustainable and equitable opportunity since good partnerships are bilateral in nature.

Another option is to browse The Electives Network. They host a directory of hospitals and clinics across the globe with their contact details, information about the placement offered and conditions, and reviews from previous students. Access is free via their partner organisations, such as the Medical Defence Union in the UK.

The Electives Network website (requires sign-in)