Affiliates & Partners

Are you passionate about a specific issue in global health? Then Affiliates are for you. Affiliates are student led nationally coordinated projects focused tackling a specific area of health inequality. Affiliates are a core part of the Medsin network and are the home of some of the networks biggest successes. Affiliates adopt a unique way of tackling health inequalities, some focus on action in their communities while others advocate for change – often they do both! If you’re interested in a particular area of global health then check out the relevant Affiliate’s page below and find out how you can get involved directly with them. Many will have projects you can take up on the local level or any number of ways to contribute on the national level! Finding out how to have an impact on global health is only and email away!

If you have any queries, can’t find an Affiliate that suits your interest, would like help in setting up a new Affiliate or are involved with an organization that would like to become an Affiliate of Medsin UK, then contact our Affiliates Coordinator Alex Peterson on